Summer 2019


No Classes Monday, September 2nd, Labor Day



I had my very 1st radio interview on 8-6-18. It's about 8 minutes. You can listen on the link!


Angel Crystal Bowl Immersion

Sunday, July 28th from 2-4pm

Fee: $30  - Luzerne Studio

  We will connect to the 4 Archangels and receive gifts through meditation. Then after a break will will connect to our guardian angels through meditation then immerse in the sound of crystal bowls and receive angelic healing energy.  Enjoy, relax and heal in this crystal singing bowl sound bath. Chakras will be cleared and aligned with bowl and toning.  Guided visual will be offered. The ascension chakras are needed now to navigate our life will open and be activated by these special bowls. 6 crystal bowls, metal bowls, bells and chimes will take you on a peaceful and healing journey. You will be lying on the floor for the majority of the time. Wear comfortable clothes. Bring yoga mat blanket, pillows, eye mask. Anything that will help you be comfortable. If lying is uncomfortable sitting against wall or in a chair is also an option. Call Sandy if you have any questions 570-288-1785. 

Candlelight Healing Circle

 Wednesday, August 21st

6:30 to 8:00pm $20

Healing energy, prayer, meditation and intention help us to clear our minds and soothe our emotions. It gives the soul a place to expand. It is also a way to help others. It is my intent to create a place of peace so you can create a space of calm joy in your life. Reiki healing energy will be channeled to the group and a guided visual meditation will be offered. It will be simple, seated in chairs. Creating healing energy for ourselves and others. Depending on # of participants we may be able to put each person in the center of circle if they desire. Time is approximate. You may come and go as you please. Comfortable clothes.

Crystal Bowl Meditation

Friday, September 6th

5:30 - 6:30pm Fee: $15 or use your class package

Guided visual journey and singing bowl meditation. Enjoy, relax and heal as you are guided through a meditation to open the soul star chakra which is which is above the crown chakra (top of the head).  Soul Star Chakra helps you have a greater connection to your Higher Power and helps you to more easily connect to the wisdom voice of your soul. This is a great way to clear out stress and start your weekend off right. Bring mat and blanket if you have them. Comfy clothes. Also bring any other pillows or supports you will need to lie on the floor. I do have lots of mats, extra blankets and bolsters. If you are uncomfortable lying on the floor you may sit against the wall or in a chair. No reservations needed. Walk-ins welcome. 


Angel Walkers

Possible walk the weekend of August 24/25

Location to be decided

Fee $40

Aside from vacation I am also attending a Nature Retreat and a Yoga/Meditation workshop this summer. It's a busy summer for me.Toward the end of July I will have more info on the next Angel Walk. Below is general information.

Forest bathing (originated in Japan) is trending globally. It is a way to reconnect to nature and therefore to ourselves by sitting or meandering in the woods and being present and aware. I've added a Sandy twist on that, a spiritual meander in the woods to reconnect you to nature, your soul and Creator. We will meditate to bring peace and clarity. We will hug trees, talk to rocks and water gaze. Creator made this beautiful planet so we would know how much we are loved. As you desire, you can also connect to fairies, angels and possibly our Heavenly loved ones. Drumming will accompany our meditation. I am excited about this new offering! I've done forest bathing and loved it. I hope you will join me for this new experience. Weather dependent. No rain date. Sturdy hiking shoes.  Call Sandy to reserve a spot, get start location and info.

Payment due that day. Check or cash.

Reservations requested. 570-288-1785

 Future walk locations, Frances Slocum, Thornhurst Picnic Area, Ricketts Glen and in the woods by our home in Suscon.  I will keep you posted. Keep an eye on the homepage.


Current class schedule,pricing and individual appointment info on Locations Page. Detailed class & event info, calendar page, click event or class.

Hot off the presses! 10-22-18

New 30 minute national radio interview.

You can listen on the link !


New Individual Services!

Singing Bowl Therapy Session

Enjoy this incredible experience intuitively played for your personal healing and empowerment. As you rest, you will be immersed in the sound and power of Ascension Crystal Healing Bowls. Sound will facilitate chakra healing and energy clearing. These special bowls have been created for our healing in these challenging times and expanding the evolution of your soul!

$80 approx 1 and 1/2 hours.

Call Sandy to schedule an appointment. 570-288-1785

Healing Yoga - you will rest in restorative yoga postures while receiving reiki.

Shamanic Drumming Therapy - as you rest, energy will be cleared and physical and mental healing facilitated through shamanic drumming, chanting and rattles.

Remote Energy Healing - receive healing energy and insights in the comfort of your own home. The phone sessions are a good way to get back on track when you live out of the area. Reiki is not limited by space and time. In their own homes, clients feel and respond to the energies while I connect by phone. 

Angel Tarot Readings are available in person for approx 1 hour or

read by cell phone with txtd pics.  

Receiving cash, check or PayPal

Check Calendar page for more information on events listed above. Call Sandy for more info or reservations 570-288-1785 or use contact page!



Summer Poetry 2019


Small World

                                   By Sandy Seyler


Dew drop dangles from green leaf,

Reflects upside down world inside.

Reveals the proper perspective,

Tentative, precarious, impermanent.

I laugh as it falls into my mouth.


Ocean Release

                             by Sandy Seyler


Why was it tension?

Why was it not what it seemed?

Why was it anything at all beside the deep blue ocean,

That rocks my soul and cradles my dreams?

Wiggles and squiggles of waves hold their foaming heads high,

While yellow-winged gulls oversee the folly.

Sentries; statues on posts challenged by the buffeting wind.

Ocean lady stretches her white foamy fingers to caress the sand.

Bathing the shore, ever changing from minute to minute.

Her waves roll over and over, playfully tossing me about,

Reshaping my life with enfolding arms.

Continually wipe clean the slate, start afresh.

Each wave another chance.

Each moment a new beginning.



                       by Sandy Seyler


Shine stars, diamonds on waves.

Wild cries of dolphins

Sound music of the spheres.

Night holds it's breath.

Gentle goddess rises from the sea.

Leave your kingdom behind;

Enter this world of your own accord.

Grace us with your sweetness.

Ride foaming horses onto shore.

Trails of sea water glisten on alabaster skin.

Red tendrils curl, roses entwined.

No shadow cast in moonlight:

No footprints in sand.

Wind alone chants praises.

Softly, unseen, she comes.





My Friend Ellen


Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you just don't care.
Dance like no one is watching

The above quote is scrawled on the inside cover of the book titled Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie, given to me by my friend Ellen. It was her well worn personal copy.

Hello sweet friends,
Today, I'd like to tell you the story of my friend Ellen. She ascended to her true angel self many years ago. Still, she nudges me to care for myself. Some days, I can see her bright smile. When I am sad, I can always feel her near. She was an angel on earth as well. At a time in my life, when I was struggling, she gave me her own copy of the codependency daily reader. (which I highly recommend) I read it as part of my daily wellness practice.

This book is a part of her, my treasure. The page corners are bent. Ellen highlighted or underlined most pages. Her "Don't Quit" inspirational bookmark, keeps my place. In every blank space there are notes, musings and even some phone numbers of friends. Her name, address and phone are written on the title page. I wish I could call and talk to her. I wish I could drive out to Trucksville and sit with her on the glider, in her back yard. I miss her so yet, she speaks to me with each day's message. She makes sure I have exactly what I need to face the day.

Ellen struggled in her too short life. She wrestled with addiction, recovery, shame, guilt and poverty. Through those struggles, she learned to say no, to love herself, and to feel worthy.  She suffered physically with diabetes, a heart condition, COPD and PTSD. Despite all these challenges, she knew how to live, love and give. She came out of the box. She learned she could wear what she wanted and she wasn't afraid of color. She learned to be exactly who she was without excuses. She learned to try new things without fear. She was a courageous and caring person. She lived the "Dance" quote. I don't think I ever really appreciated that quote. I read it so many times, I dismissed it. Then, last week the cover fell open and her memory came flooding in.

Ellen loved to cook and fed me and my dog, Mr. Jake, many times. Mr. Jake had a special place in her heart. She also loved to bake but, because of the diabetes, gave most of it away. After seeing Ellen at a celebration, my partner, Jule, gave this perfect description, "I saw Ellen today. She was walking down the steps with a cane, an oxygen tank over her shoulder, carrying a cake she made that she could not eat." 

Later in life she discovered Native American Pow-Wows. She loved to watch the dancers in Native regalia. She loved the outdoors as well, but couldn't sit in the sun because of the diabetes. She'd lug her "stuff" to the Pow-Wow . We could always spot her perched in her webbed aluminum folding chair, under the sunflower umbrella, duct taped to the back of the chair. With childlike wonder she embraced the Native ways. She received her "Spirit name" from the medicine man.  And on occasion, her cane in one hand and my elbow in the other, we'd walk around the dance circle, while Native dancers whirled gracefully by.

The amount of trauma we've survived, the amount of challenges we face have no bearing on the amount of happiness we can experience or the amount of joy we can share. Learn from Ellen. Live the dance!



Love's Calling

I'd like to share this poem by Michael S. Glaser

Love's Calling


The night is aflame
with the silence of stars,
new snow embraces the world and yet,
my mind calculates
the contingencies as though
there is still need for intelligent caution,
as though this old pattern
still serves my tremulous heart.


What is this tangle pulling at my ankles,
holding me back with its forked tongue?
Love's sirens shine like the moon,
invite me to follow
the call of their horizon,
to embrace at last the freedom that waits,
faithful as ever,
like love,
like the promise of Mary's extended arms.

Hi friends, This poem arrived in my email this week.  I cried tears of relief and awe at it's coming. A poem perfect for our evolutionary turning point and a great celebration of the season. Love's sirens are calling us to a new horizon. I feel a palpable vibration in the air. The strength of which elevates my cells to hope, love and kindness. This vibration swells to all humanity. There is also a hush and a stillness that has brought me to a long awaited calm. We are salmon swimming up stream because it is natural to do so. We are birds migrating south, not able to define the reason for our actions. Brains thankfully on hold, our souls respond to love's call. Love's call needs no room for intelligent caution. The forked tongue of the old world falls on deaf ears. The light returns with solstice, it is the way of things. The promise of a garden to bloom. Be still and you will know this is true. We are becoming ourselves.






"It is through your wound that grace enters. Grace cannot enter you when you are shut off and guarded, when you are resisting the world. If you let it, your wound can wash away your resistance and replace it with compassion. Your wound is the entry point for God to make itself know."  
                                        - Panache Desai

We are entering a time of reaping the benefits of our hard work and evolving into a higher version of ourselves. Everything that is good and right and true about you will only become more so. Everything that no longer serves you will fall away quickly. The next few months will reveal the results of many years of hard work. It is time to celebrate the harvest in relationships, creativity, opportunity and abundance. The rebirth of humanity is upon us. What is negative and ugly is simply that which is crumbling. You stand on holy ground. We are still affected by the negativity surrounding us as we are affected by the incredible weather changes. You are exactly where you need to be. Shine your light as bright as you can. Be grateful and happy. Nothing can touch you now. Remember who you are.

. . . Of The Mother       Copyright - Sandy Seyler

In the belly of the Mother
Is where I belong.
In the belly of the Mother
I grow brave and strong.
In the belly of the Mother
So dark and deep.
In the belly of the Mother
Is where I'll sleep.
In the belly of the Mother
I gather the stars.
In the belly of the Mother
I heal all my scars.
In the belly of the Mother
Time stands still.
In the belly of the Mother
She holds me until,
I am ready to be born.


Fallen                        copyright Sandy Seyler

Paradise lost.
Fallen from grace.
Wings broken.
Halo shattered.
Tempted by the dark star
to believe a vision of lies.
An illusion of prideful heaven,
with pompous angels
destroying at will
Happiness, Joy, Love.
Doubt sucks power dry.
Arrogance and insolence
destroyed my own heaven.
Clenched fist raised
bashes away loving touch.
Oh, how foolish to believe
childhood deceptions.
Serpents wound around my heart
constrict loves flow.
I embraced the illusion of the fallen.
It was the only item on the menu;
Until now.


             Steel        by Sandy Seyler

My soul was tempered  in the fires of hell.

Anger and despair now cooled,

I stand.  Gleaming strong in the sun,

I reflect the light.

Truth revealed:





Between Worlds

Untitled-2                           copyright Sandy Seyler

I am melting,
like the wicked witch of the west,
ice on a summer sidewalk,
my past flowing away. 


Hello my friends,

So, this is hell week. Every unresolved emotion in our lives we haven't processed up to this point is in the queue and rolling. Turn each emotion or issue over to your sacred heart. Just drop it down into your chest and it will be resolved. We are being taught to be independent & interdependent on our souls. The sacred heart is soul's center. You are and have always been a droplet of God poured into flesh. It's time to realize and act from this truth. I ask Arch Angel Michael to guide and protect us in this process. Call upon him and you will receive peace.

Fallen                        copyright Sandy Seyler

Paradise lost.
Fallen from grace.
Wings broken.
Halo shattered.
Tempted by the dark star
to believe a vision of lies.
An illusion of prideful heaven,
with pompous angels
destroying at will
Happiness, Joy, Love.
Doubt sucks power dry.
Arrogance and insolence
destroyed my own heaven.
Clenched fist raised
bashes away loving touch.
Oh, how foolish to believe
childhood deceptions.
Serpents wound around my heart
constrict loves flow.
I embraced the illusion of the fallen.
It was the only item on the menu;
Until now.


Rising Fire


             Steel        by Sandy Seyler

My soul was tempered  in the fires of hell.

Anger and despair now cooled,

I stand.  Gleaming strong in the sun,

I reflect the light.

Truth revealed:



Are we there yet? Yes! we are. The old systems are crumbling. People at a grassroots level are working together. Volcano's are erupting. The Mother earth is changing her form. We are becoming true and new. We are in the refiner's fire. The things you feel threatened by are trying to get you to turn inward and rely and work with your soul fire. I have been amazed at how many limiting beliefs arise in my mind every day to be cleared. Beliefs about poverty and suffering. I didn't realize the inherited global consciousness from my ancestors was so great. Beliefs that caused me to live in fear. Some of my dissipated beliefs were, "the world destroys everything beautiful I create." " I am always in danger of being crushed by the darkness, the darkness crushes the light." "If I have money I will loose my spirituality.' "My life has always been a struggle." I can't do what I want, I must serve another". "my desires must be set aside to serve others.' . . . . .And those are just a few. I've also discovered that even though yoga and meditation have given me great awareness and command of my body, I tended to ignore my own pain.  You teach best what you most need to learn. LOL! Hence, my class battle cry, No Pain, No Pain! My spirit was trying to get me to follow my own words!. . . False beliefs and unconscious practices were embedded in my daily routine. Some, I was aware of and thought they could not be changed and others, I was completely clueless. So, now is the time of awakening to what is going on in our lives in all areas. We are moving into our truth. Our true selves, our I Am Presence, is leading us gently to the light of true living. We all move at a different pace. Pay attention to the revelations that pop in your head, if they are positive act on them, if they are limiting, turn them over to your I Am Presence to be cleared. Its' time to recognize and work with the God within. That droplet of God poured out into flesh is your soul. It is awakening for all of us.

Suffering is an embedded belief, not God's will. We believe suffering  creates worthiness or character yet, it creates victim consciousness and pain. When we feel suffering, ask the belief to stop and affirm "This is not Gods will for me".  Reinforce the positive Divine flow by constantly acknowledging the joyful, Divine flow situations as, "this IS Gods will for me." Like when a car repair costs less than you thought. Like meeting an old friend unexpectedly, Like feeling healthy, enjoying nature, being creative, spending time with loved ones, when a meeting with your boss goes better than expected.Surrender the painful, highly celebrate the joyful, great or small. My intuition and guidance system gives me new techniques and insights each day. I use them to heal myself and offer these tools as guided to my students and reiki clients. I share this info day to day in class and sessions. Come in and reconnect the original Divine you. I know the way! I'll show you.




Oh, deer me!

    On a sunny Saturday in September, I had plans to dig four holes in the yard to place new plants. Digging a hole is not fun. It’s even less fun on top of a mountain. Approximately five inches down, CLINK! I hit the first rock.  I consider it lucky when I hit a monster rock. I clear the outline with my hands then wedge the pick axe under the edge and jimmy it out. I need dig no further, the hole it leaves behind is big enough for planting. This might be an all day job, so I continue eagerly.

     When I work in the yard, Carlos, my indoor cat, is allowed out to play. His ebony fur shines in the sun as he stalks through the yard.  I sense a presence and notice a delicate, spotted fawn grazing in the woods. I sigh with joy, as it munches greedily on the greenery, tail flicking. Carlos also notices and decides to investigate. He slinks toward the fawn, then, hides behind a tree. He repeats that process, cautiously moving closer and closer. At this pace, he will take a while, so, I continue digging. After a few moments, I hear a terrible sound. I look up in horror to see the Mama deer standing between Carlos and her baby. She tilts her head back and trumpets the warning again. When she lowers her head, the deer levels her gaze in my direction and walks purposefully toward me, ignoring Carlos. Mama deer comes to a halt at the border of the yard.  I call Carlos, and miraculously, he comes running. Scooping him up, I toss him in the house.

    As I return to my dig, the doe resumes her advance into the yard.  We are fifteen feet apart, at best. CRACK! Her hoof strikes the ground. She is staring me down, but, thankfully, the trumpeting has ceased. Her fawn meanders away from us.

     I speak to the deer like I’m talking a jumper down from a ledge.

“I’m not going to hurt you, or, your beautiful baby.”

I continue to chat and swing the pick axe, “Please stop eating my flowers. All that rain made the woods full and lush. No need to eat these flowers.”

     Finally, I lean on the pick axe and gaze into the eyes of this incredible creature. Mama continues to scrutinize me, nostrils flaring. I soften my energy and allow love to flow from my heart. I am in awe of this God moment. The doe steps even closer. We are about ten feet apart now.

 “I realize my flowers taste especially good. I use flower essences and ask the fairies to help them grow, but, there is no lack of food in the woods!” I scold.

     Then, closer still, she creeps, bending to sniff the flowers. I thought the doe would eat my flowers right in front of me! When Mama lifts her head, our eyes meet again. Her muscles quiver. I witness her power and pride, yet, I feel an incredible tenderness radiating from her. What a breathtaking moment. We are the same, Mama and I, protecting our babies. I repeat again, that I love her and mean no harm. I guess she believed me because she turns and bounds into the woods, a flash of speed and grace. The doe collects her fawn and they wander off.


       by Sandy Seyler

Crack! Lightening spears clouds.
Crack! Lone pine tree stands.
Crack! Burnt offering.

The refiners fire is burning brightly. We are chosen. Female energy is rising to take her rightful place in equal measure with the masculine. We are transformed daily. The fire is hot. Hold fast to integrity. Our metal is being tempered in Divine image. Illusion is burned away. Only truth remains. Be present with what happens every moment. Like the doe, be fierce in nurturing. Stand in your power. Harm none. Respect all. Honor your hearts desires and petition the Divine. Follow your intuition and instincts. Take chances. Explore new trails.
How beautiful we are!

Autumn 2017


Drum Circle

Sunday, November 12th

2-4pm - No experience necessary $10

Please register if you need a drum. 570-288-1785

See calendar for details.

New Quiet Mind Meditation

Mondays 5-6pm

Luzerne Studio

Our minds are over stimulated by media and technology. Our feelings overwhelm us. It's time to take your life back from the chaos and return to the quiet.  Meditation reduces anxiety, stress and blood pressure. It increases mental focus, awareness and creativity. It also adds quality of present moment living which brings gratitude, appreciation and joy.  We will work with Pranayam, (breath techniques) to regulate the mind and ease pain.  We will practice verbally led meditation to bring peace and stillness to our mind. It will become like a still pond. Clear and still. This class is different from the morning meditation. We will spend approx 30 minutes with breath techniques and another 30 minutes with guided meditation.  We will be seated in chairs or on floor for entire class. Street clothes appropriate.  

Celtic Healing Service

Saturday, December 30th  

from 6 to 7pm - Donations

Held at St. Stephens's Episcopal Church

35 S. Franklin St.


An opportunity to gather for peaceful, hope-filled, reflection, meditation and prayer in the Celtic Spirit.


Angel Tarot Readings

Available by appointment anytime


I have been reading Tarot cards since the age of 12. Doreen Virtue has now created an Angelic Tarot Deck that I feel is safe and positive.  Using the guidance of the angels I will offer clear, effective, life changing readings.  I offer readings at my Reiki Studio in Edwardville. Regular readingd is $50/45min, 10 card readings are $75.  I have been a healer for 20 years, the healing energy will flow through the readings, clearing, releasing will occur.  I will also connect you to the angels in the cards that will help you in the situation of your concern. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.  570-288-1785 or email on this site.   Many blessings!

Price Changes effective after January 2nd

Yoga class change from $13 to $14 per class

Package of 6 with 6 month expiration is now $70

Initial Reiki Visit $75 - following visits or returning customers $70


Check Calendar page for more information on events listed above. Call Sandy for more info or reservations 570-288-1785 or use contact page!




Eclipse the Past


"Rest is not idleness and to lie sometimes on the grass, under trees on a summers day, listening to the murmur of the water or watching the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time."  - John Lubbock "The Uses of Life"

How have you been? I know, I've been gone so long you're probably thinking, "Who is this?" Life is like that though, isn't it? Everything ebbs and flows. The only constant in life is change and change we are. We go through periods where we just can't seem to keep up or stay the same. That cycle helps us to uproot from outgrown tendencies and grow into a new phase in our evolution. The world right now is in that state. We are moving forward at lightening speed. NOTHING can stay the same. We are sorting out what serves and what does not. Even things we keep need to grow and be restructured. Idleness does not come easily to me. Due to changes in my work and home life, I have been given time to rest and enjoy my life.

We enjoyed and incredibly relaxing vacation in Aruba. I haven't been that still in a long time. It's quite easy in blue water with palm trees swaying and birds singing. I also recommitted to artistic creativity. I've had time to read, which I find incredibly restorative. I saw 9 movies at the Dietrich Summer Film Festival. I joined a writers group and am taking a writing class at Wilkes. I also learned a short, comprehensive new yoga routine for overall health which is being received quite nicely. I attended the Yoga Conference on Mental Health at Misericordia. It's been an active but relaxing summer. OK! So, by now you are probably wondering what planet I live on and if I ever turn on a TV. I believe I'm still on earth but the only TV I watch is Big Bang reruns and Turner Classic Movies.

"Clara found it easy to forgive most things in most people. Too easy, her husband Peter often warned. But Clara had her own little secret. She didn't really let go of everything. Most things, yes. But some she secretly held and hugged and would visit in moments when she needed to be comforted by the unkindness of others." - Louise Penny from Still Life

One of my reads this summer was the above Agatha Christie style mystery by Louise Penny. I found these lines so telling. As I contemplated this passage, my question is why is this true for me? Why is it that I, or anyone, would be comforted by the unkindness of others? I realized that for me a lack of esteem is secretly comforted when others acted badly. Then I could be worthy or even better than they. Also, unkindness in others lessens the self judgment of our own humanity. Finally, embracing negativity is considered normal and even celebrated. Modern media and social media runs rampant with it. Why have hope when the world is such a mess. We believe negativity protects us. In reality, fear and negativity ensure your victimization on some level. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Our egos are masters of self destruction. They joyfully, incessantly seek chaos.

"Every one thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves." - Leo Tolstoy

The eclipse opened a shift in the energy matrix of the planet so incredibly profound. The changes are restructuring our DNA, that means, body and mind. Our egos have long ruled the planet. An influx of Divine Feminine energy is balancing out that which has ruled for so long. Our brains are being rewired to there original state of truth. All will, at our own pace, "wake up" to our oneness with the Divine. We will now be able to easily access Divine wisdom, power and love. We think we know what those three words mean but, truly, we have only a skewed or minimal idea. When your shift occurs, your mind will be blown, literally! I am already feeling and utilizing access of the true wisdom. It helps me make better choices. Your life starts today. Every part of the past, family history, genetics, past trauma and suffering, even who you perceive yourself to be has been eclipsed. It's over. Let it go and watch your self evolve. The best days of your life are yet to come. More beautiful than you can imagine in this moment!

Some of the physical symptoms of the eclipse change have been neck and back pain, nausea and stomach issues, exhaustion, confusion and moodiness, just to name a few. This is a a rough part of the ride. Our perceptions will shift. We feel lonely and misunderstood. We are changing completely. Change brings truth. Every quality that is good will get better, only our negative traits and beliefs fall away. Self love and self care, rest and quiet time are crucial for our sanity. We NEED these things to make it through the transformation. The world around us is working itself out. Mother earth is cleaning herself and in her own shift. Avoid negativity at all cost. Take action where you can. Otherwise seek gratitude in each moment. Enjoy each day as it comes. The government is on it's own path. Let it roll. Tend to yourself. Positive energy has returned to the planet. Negative energy does not like that and it rails harder, but too late. Tolstoy is absolutely correct. He mirrors the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus Christ. The kingdom of Heaven is within. Stop feeding into the crap and live your life. The changes are naturally occurring. We must go with the flow. Do no harm. Be who you are. Be present especially, the answers are in the now. Your life in this moment does depend on rest, self care, self nurturing, meditation and inquiry and prayer. Take action in these areas and let go of what was once survival, LIVE!


Breaking Free


This human shape is a ghost made of distraction and pain, sometimes pure light, sometimes cruel, trying wildly to open this image tightly held within itself.  - Rumi

Cabin fever might have you splitting at the seams but a trip to the mall is not what you truly yearn for. Humanity is breaking free from the past. Everything is coming undone. Everything. Our souls are rising up. We are emptying our houses. Someone has died, the limited illusion of who we are. Only the lovely beauty of the soul remains. The limited illusion can no longer support life. We are seeking life on another planet. The planet is within us.

The signs of the wondrous growth are feeling lost and unfamiliar in your home, work, day to day routine and relationships. Everything seems foreign. Your memory may be poor or you may have gales of forgotten heartache rolling over you. No darkness can be carried forward. We are being reborn DNA & all. We may feel incredible fear of the future, the fate of humanity and our planet. Those of us that are scared to death are right on track.

What strange beings we are that sitting in hell, at the bottom of the dark, we are afraid of our own immortality. - Rumi

We are birds inside the egg. Chipping away at all the old patterns that have weighed us down for so long. Chipping away at our endless pursuit of distractions, the addictions to the material world that tempt us to believe that flesh, bone and money are all there is.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.   - Aristotle

Be present with yourself. Notice your thoughts. Notice your actions, are they true to your heart? Do your actions match your words? What holds your attention? The soul is tapping on the inside. Reclaim your focus. Make loving positive thoughts your habit. Follow the new and release the old. Your true self is calling.

You can't hold a man down without staying down with him! - Booker T. Washington

What we focus on expands. To focus on another, understanding the motives and circumstances that cause another's  behavior is futile. To hold onto blame and resentment of others and self is to occupy our spirits with bitterness. We create and draw more negativity to ourselves. 

The chaos of our government and country is fulfilling a Divine plan beyond our comprehension. What we resist continues to control us. The old needs to fall. Already people, of their own creativity and ingenuity, are solving problems, growing food, helping others and finding new sources of fuel and natural medicines. The new world is already rising from the hearts of the people. The change occurred BECAUSE of the current dangers. Chaos spurred us into growth. People are softer and kinder. More connected and aware of the well being of "the whole". The change is rising from the people.

So today, find a more nurturing way to fill yourself up. The soul is tapping. Follow the nudges of your soul like bread crumbs out of the dark woods. Inquire within. Make choices, all choices from you soul. I sit in silence and ask "the God that I am" to guide and direct my day. I can feel the warmth respond. My soul rises to the task. Present moment meditation has also helped me navigate the chaos. Instead of responding from habit, break free and choose anew, every moment. What is best for my soul in this moment will also serve humanity. It's a win win. Happiness and a healthy humanity.

You are lover and beloved. You possess untapped power, love and wisdom. Relax into your soul. Open your heart to you! Feel the warmth. The whole adventure of this moment is loving and discovering you. The real blessed and beloved you.