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The above ingredients combine to create a delicious recipe for aligning mind, body, heart and soul to transform your life into a peaceful, joyful existence.
Hatha Yoga is an ancient school of Eastern philosophy that engages the mind and spirit, as well as, the body. Hatha yoga focuses on breath control and gentle stretching postures to achieve emotional balance and body fitness. In essence, yoga is moving meditation. Hatha yoga not only calms and clears the mind and emotions; it also tones, shapes and strengthens the body for overall health and wholeness. It is simply a daily practice of health care for mind, body and emotions.
This whole person approach to fitness and wellness uses asanas (postures) to develop strength, flexibility and freedom of movement. Asanas also stimulate the circulation and detoxify and regulate the digestive system. Pranayam (breath technique) increases oxygen to the brain, clears the mind and cleanses and calms the nervous system. It also restores the proper flow of prana (life force energy) through the body/mind. A balanced flow of life force manifests good health. Meditation, positive thinking and yoga nidra are used to soothe anxiety, focus the mind and create a calm and relaxed state of being.
Sandy has been teaching yoga since 1999. She received her teaching certificate from Integral School for Hatha Yoga in Virginia. She has also studied yoga and meditation at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale. She has continued her education with Shiva Rea at the Kripalu Institute in MA.  The main rule of Sandy s class is no pain, no pain. Hatha yoga should never be painful. In fact it will reduce existing pain levels. Honor your body at all times.
Current classes are drop-in , multi-level classes. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! When a more advanced posture is being taught a beginner posture is also made available. Full classes (1 1/2 hours) consist of postures, pranayam, meditation and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Short classes (1 hour) consist of postures, pranayam and yoga nidra. If you plan on attending class, wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a blanket or throw. Mats are available. Check Calendar for schedule. Yoga and meditation classes held at the House of Nutrition, 50 Main St., Luzerne PA - 2nd floor.  Call 570-288-1785 for info.  



Connecting you to the peace that you seek

Meditation is an inward journey, a discovery of self and universe. Meditation trains the mind to an inner focus, a place removed from the chaos of the world. It teaches us non-attachment to our own, often chaotic, thoughts so that we may remain undisturbed by thoughts and the outside world. We learn to focus our attention. In doing this we are brought to the inner quietness that exists beneath the activity of our thoughts, emotions and daily lives, a place of unshakable peace. 

Creativity is awakened allowing us to find new solutions to old issues and begin new ventures with ease. The emotions are balanced and cleared, bringing comfort and healing to the heart. We discover our true self in all its glory. The joy of being is established in our lives. Stress is reduced and peace reigns supreme. 

Meditation is an integral part of a yoga practice. It is also taught separately in classes and workshops. There are many paths to meditation and relaxation. Sandy is skilled in meditation through yoga, Zen, Reiki, Wellsprings and guided visuals. She weaves these techniques into all her teachings. Meditation is a vital part of her own daily practice.