Angel Tarot Readings

Sandy has had the gift of sight from childhood. She has seen and heard the angels since childhood. They have been her spirit guides her whole life.  As a little girl she called them her "light friends" and used to meet with them in a grove of trees (her magic phone booth) when she was very young.  Utilizing this gift and the beauty and healing power of Doreen Virtues' Angel Tarot Deck will provide you with and deeply informative and uplifting reading.  Not only gaining insights but using the power of the angels to resolve difficult situations.  Often times loved ones that have crossed over also enter into the reading.  It is healing, joyful experience. Inner child card insights are offered during full reading and full reading can also be done with Fairy Tarot Deck. Your choice.

Sandy offers readings by appointment.  Reading 4 to 7 cards is $65/1 hour.   Bring recording devices if you have them.  Contact Sandy to set up an appointment today!