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A guided visual relaxation CD by Sandy Seyler
Learn to relax your body and mind.  It is POSSIBLE!  This CD experience will relax even the most anxious of people.  Let Sandy lead you to peace.  Woodland Journey consists of two 30 minute guided visual relaxation experiences.  Tracks may be played in succession or individually.  Selections on the CD are:

 Yoga Nidra with Crystal Singing Bowl – A guided relaxation through the body that releases tension and stress.  This track uses yoga nidra, a time honored relaxation technique in the Integral yoga style.  The playing of a crystal singing bowl especially attuned to turn the mind inward and create harmony of mind and body enhances this process.  This journey will leave your body refreshed and relaxed and your mind peaceful.

Woodland Journey – A guided visual walk through the woods that heals the heart and calms the emotions.  This lush dreamscape triggers the senses to transport you to this beautiful place, rich with pleasant nurturing sensations.  It also opens the mind to new possibilities and dreams. 

This CD was professionally recorded and reproduced at JL Studios

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Cost is $20 plus $2 shipping. Total $22.00 Payment by check or money order only.  CD shipped when payment received.