Trust the Process 

What strange beings we are; that sitting in hell at the bottom of the dark, we're afraid of our own immortality.  - RUMI

I love this wisdom from Rumi.  I like to define immortality as my soul; the living presence of God in human form.  How easily we forget we are the light.  How easy it is to listen to the ego and linger in the darkness of fear.  Amazing things are happening to me.  It is a glorious time to be alive.  The world is transforming and so are we. 

I did not even realize that my ego was keeping me in darkness.  I thought I had life all figured out.  I was in control.  The odd thing was even though I "thought" I knew what I was doing and where I was going, my heart did not have peace.  My ego kept me in denial of my feelings.  It did not let me see the issues and behaviors I needed t correct.  So many traumas from my past were affecting my behavior and holding me back.  I did not trust in the process of life.  I did not trust the flow of God's love.  I became a human doing, fighting for survival.  When things went "wrong", I blamed God instead of looking for my own part in the drama.  I was so focused on the problems, I forgot God has all the answers.  My mind held the fear and created negative energy that bogged me down.

Then the miracle happened.  After much prayer from myself and others, God stepped in and helped me see where I was limiting the flow of goodness in my life.  In the past 5 months God helped me create a new me.  The hardness of living was stripped away.  I became vulnerable to new ways of thinking and being.  I became aware of the behaviors that limit my good.  I connected to people in a new way.  Better able to see the beauty of each person.  I can more easily relate.  People in my life are absolutely amazing in their expression of love.  Every day love and kindness was offered and I learned to accept.  I learned I could trust and let go of control.  I came to understand that we create challenges in our life to help us correct beliefs and behaviors created by trauma that keep us in the dark.

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Clearing Limitations 

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.   _  Anonymous

Happy 2012!  I am grateful for a new year!  I am still working to recover from the panic attacks, anxiety and sleeplessness that has been plaguing me since September.  The good news is my stomach is in good shape.  2011 was a tumultuous year and I am reeling from the changes.  All changes occurring at this time are helping us to release the past once and for all so, we can embrace the new and wonderful energies transforming the planet at this time.  We are moving into a Christ or God consciousness in body, mind and heart.  We will live in awareness that we are one with the creator, all life and the planet, manifesting love and peace.  The darkness ceases to exist in the light.  Therefore all our "old baggage" needs to be cleared.

Obviously, I had a lot of "old baggage"!  LOL :)  For months now my body has been purging itself.  In my mind, All my fears came to the surface, one by one.  50 years worth.  Western medicine could find no cause for my symptoms and medication took the edge off but in the end made things worse.  God's love and guidance have healed me.  It got me to the right people and places.  It helped me to embrace what needed to be healed.  I have been working with my naturopath (Harry Abbey), my partner, other healers, friends and my own spiritual and yogic practice to clear these issues.  Actually in the past two days I feel I have turned a corner.  I got some sleep and the panic attacks have ceased.  This has been a very slow soul searching process but I have learned much about my self!

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Holiday Blessings

 As you celebrate, remember to also enjoy and celebrate the wonders of your life and your Being and the great capacity you have within you to love and grow even greater love.  - Jo Dunning

I recently received the above message in a newsletter from a great healer I work with on line.  When I read that quote my heart leaped with joy.  This is what I want for Christmas, to celebrate the wonders and to grow in love, to experience my Being, my true self.  I also read this week that people don't remember what you say or do but, how they felt when they were around you.  How nice it would be to celebrate life every day and express my true self to the world.  I would like that for myself.  I would like to offer that love to the world. That is my Christmas wish.

I offer this blessings to you that your joy may be full and your love great!

I ask the 10,000 angels to bring the joy of celebration into your Holiday Season.  May you easily identify the wonders in your life and cherish every one of them.  May your Holy Spirit rise to the surface each morning and be the defining factor in each day.  May you recognize the love deep inside and help it to grow, sharing love and compassion in this world.  May you know peace.  I ask that this is done and it is so.  And so it is!

I wish you a joy filled Holiday and the brightest and best of New Years!

Holiday refresher
Tuesday, December 27th, 7-9pm
House of Nutrition, Luzerne
Fee: $20

Rid yourself of holiday stress!  Start the New Year clean and fresh.  Retreat from the world with this mini vacation!  Release stress and recharge with this relaxing class, created to refresh your body and revive your soul.  Not just for yoga practitioners.  Simple restorative yoga refreshes energy to the body.  Let go completely in yoga nidra, a relaxation technique done lying on the floor.  Guaranteed to melt stress.  Release body pain and tension with breath work and visualization.  The class concludes with a guided visual journey to unwind your knotted mind.  Call Sandy to reserve a space.  288-1785  Walk ins welcome.  Wear comfortable clothes.  Bring a blanket and yoga mat if you have one.  Yoga mats, chairs and some blankets available.  

Breath of Life 

Life is within death, death is within life; you must exist right here, right now!
  - The Art of Peace by morihei Ueshiba

Since I've last written to you, I have faced many challenges, health, finances, being an overburdened caregiver, illness of loved ones and pets, a student's suicide and the loss of several friends.  These situations have brought to light many of my short comings.  I wish I could tell you I handled it all with grace and ease but, that is not true.  I am a strong, willful and often prideful person.  Over the past two months, I have been brought to my knees.  I spent many days in the pit of despair.  I had many sleepless dark nights of the soul.  Even my wonderful healthy body gave out, as I spent many mornings retching.  Everything was of control.  There were many days I wanted to simply give up.  My breath even stopped.  My muscles were so stressed, I couldn't take a deep breath.  Shallow breathing caused even more panic due to the lack of oxygen to the brain.

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Love me Like a Rock 

We shall not cease from exploration and the end to all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.  - T.S. Eliot

I sit here Sunday afternoon clutching a small rock, picked from the yard.  I am holding a piece of creation in my hand.  This rock is much older than I.  It has possibly been around for millions of years.  I imangine you learn a lot if you spend that much time on this earth.  It fits perfectly in hand as I squeeze it tight, I feel comforted.  I am holding the hand of God.

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Labor Day 

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give your rest.  -  Matthew 11:28

WOW! Do I need a rest from labor!  How about you?  This summer has been an energetic whirlwind from May, (when I turned 50), until now. (earthquake and hurricane in one week!)  I feel like I've truly lived this summer.  Force marched through every human emotion, confronted with every "old unresolved issue" and paraded through every uncomfortable situation.  It was a summer full of great joys and great tragedies. . .I would like a rest!  Labor Day is set aside to honor and rest from our labor.  So in this newsletter I offer you rest in the form of a guided visualization.  I create these visualizations for workshops and classes ( see Angel workshop below) .  They promote healing, peace a discovery.  So sit back, relax and enjoy this sample offering.  You may want to listen to some soothing music while you read.  Read slowly and allow yourself to feel each part.

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God Moments

 At that moment, a sense of Paradise, of "possession by the sacred," seemed to descend from the heavens.  As if she understood what was going on in my heart, the young woman began to intersperse music with silence.  Each time she stopped playing, I would say a prayer.  The music would start up again.

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Hold the Light 

"It is only with the heart one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."  - Antoine de Saint-Exupery    
"Hold the light in your hearts.  Breath in it's sweetness.  Feel the love that resides there.  Know that it is good and true.  Know that you are worthy.  Know that you are kind.  Know that God is real."

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To Honor Moose 


Today is a cold, sunny, beautiful Sunday.  Any other Sunday I would have suited up and risked ice covered dirt road and knee deep snowy woods to walk my dog, Moose but, not today.  Even with the arrival of spring on Friday I am in the depths of winter.  I feel angry, empty, lonely and oh, so sad.  My heart is broken.  I feel lost.

Vim and vigor describe Moose well.  He is all heart with a great smile and very expressive eyes, 96 pounds of love and fun.  We took him to the vet in February for a rabies shot and he was pronounced fit and well.  Wednesday night he was his normal self. Suddenly, he got a funny look on his face and lay in his bed.  The next morning he was very lethargic but got up and went outside.  After that he lay back down and would not eat or drink.  I got a vet appointment for 2pm.  In just a few hours his condition deteriorated rapidly. An x-ray showed a huge mass in his abdomen and tendrils reaching  toward his spine.  He struggled to breathe every time he lifted his head.  We had to say goodbye to our beloved Moose. 

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