Love's Calling

I'd like to share this poem by Michael S. Glaser

Love's Calling


The night is aflame
with the silence of stars,
new snow embraces the world and yet,
my mind calculates
the contingencies as though
there is still need for intelligent caution,
as though this old pattern
still serves my tremulous heart.


What is this tangle pulling at my ankles,
holding me back with its forked tongue?
Love's sirens shine like the moon,
invite me to follow
the call of their horizon,
to embrace at last the freedom that waits,
faithful as ever,
like love,
like the promise of Mary's extended arms.

Hi friends, This poem arrived in my email this week.  I cried tears of relief and awe at it's coming. A poem perfect for our evolutionary turning point and a great celebration of the season. Love's sirens are calling us to a new horizon. I feel a palpable vibration in the air. The strength of which elevates my cells to hope, love and kindness. This vibration swells to all humanity. There is also a hush and a stillness that has brought me to a long awaited calm. We are salmon swimming up stream because it is natural to do so. We are birds migrating south, not able to define the reason for our actions. Brains thankfully on hold, our souls respond to love's call. Love's call needs no room for intelligent caution. The forked tongue of the old world falls on deaf ears. The light returns with solstice, it is the way of things. The promise of a garden to bloom. Be still and you will know this is true. We are becoming ourselves.