"It is through your wound that grace enters. Grace cannot enter you when you are shut off and guarded, when you are resisting the world. If you let it, your wound can wash away your resistance and replace it with compassion. Your wound is the entry point for God to make itself know."  
                                        - Panache Desai

We are entering a time of reaping the benefits of our hard work and evolving into a higher version of ourselves. Everything that is good and right and true about you will only become more so. Everything that no longer serves you will fall away quickly. The next few months will reveal the results of many years of hard work. It is time to celebrate the harvest in relationships, creativity, opportunity and abundance. The rebirth of humanity is upon us. What is negative and ugly is simply that which is crumbling. You stand on holy ground. We are still affected by the negativity surrounding us as we are affected by the incredible weather changes. You are exactly where you need to be. Shine your light as bright as you can. Be grateful and happy. Nothing can touch you now. Remember who you are.

. . . Of The Mother       Copyright - Sandy Seyler

In the belly of the Mother
Is where I belong.
In the belly of the Mother
I grow brave and strong.
In the belly of the Mother
So dark and deep.
In the belly of the Mother
Is where I'll sleep.
In the belly of the Mother
I gather the stars.
In the belly of the Mother
I heal all my scars.
In the belly of the Mother
Time stands still.
In the belly of the Mother
She holds me until,
I am ready to be born.


Fallen                        copyright Sandy Seyler

Paradise lost.
Fallen from grace.
Wings broken.
Halo shattered.
Tempted by the dark star
to believe a vision of lies.
An illusion of prideful heaven,
with pompous angels
destroying at will
Happiness, Joy, Love.
Doubt sucks power dry.
Arrogance and insolence
destroyed my own heaven.
Clenched fist raised
bashes away loving touch.
Oh, how foolish to believe
childhood deceptions.
Serpents wound around my heart
constrict loves flow.
I embraced the illusion of the fallen.
It was the only item on the menu;
Until now.


             Steel        by Sandy Seyler

My soul was tempered  in the fires of hell.

Anger and despair now cooled,

I stand.  Gleaming strong in the sun,

I reflect the light.

Truth revealed: