Moon Awakening

A poem in process by Sandy Seyler

The moon! The moon! She woke me up!
Shining through the pine tree,
Shining through the window,
Moon touches my face; eyes fly open.
Agitated; excited, I spring from bed, lured by false morning light.
I scan the dusky room, stunned.
Realizing her trickery, I rush to the window and thrust my head out.
I wonder what the neighbors would think
if I howled?
Inhaling stars, cool night air soothes me.
I surrender to the night and recall the moon rise that evening.
Her yellow cycloptic eye peered over the mountain's rim, spying on the valley below.
Now, her hypnotic beauty shines on me.
I sip moonlight  like a lovers kiss.
Basking in the silken glow, beams fill my soul.
Stray clouds drift over her face and my senses return. I  retreat to my bed where the moon enfolds me in gossamer arms and cradles me to dream filled sleep.

Moon eclipsed by the sun and very soon sun eclipsed by the moon. The planets are playing great games in the sky. The shifting of our evolution is at hand. We are moving into oneness. It's like discovering a new land. Everything is foreign and completely unknown. We don't speak the language.  Our past is almost forgotten. Nothing will ever be the same. We live like gypsies now. Not knowing or caring where we go, lost in the adventure. Rumi describes this oneness, the love of "him" the creator:

In love with him, my soul lives
the subtlest of passions.
Lives like a gypsy -
Each day a different house,
Each night under the stars.  -  Rumi

This new life we are creating will become our greatest dream. We must reinvent ourselves. Feeling disoriented, we cling to the past but, it slips through our fingers. Nothing works anymore. This process is scary, unsettling and exhilarating. We are being nudged to be true to ourselves and create our life anew. We navigate each moment as it arrives. Relax and trust. Let your heart fly. When we relax and connect to our soul everything flows from us and all situations work out without effort. Effortless effort as my teacher used to say. Trust that the Divine is pouring all that is best for you into your life. Nothing can change that truth.

New Services!!!

I have been guided to offer new therapies that will assist in moving through this challenging time.  I will be offering group and private sound healing with Ascension Chakra Crystal Bowls. These bowls not only align the 7 body chakras but the also the higher chakras that are specific to the evolution we are undertaking.  I am offering private sessions in Restorative Yoga combined with Reiki to help the glandular and nervous systems as well ease body pain, calm the mind and restore energy. Other new services:

Karuna Reiki
Shamanic Drumming Therapy
Remote Reiki sessions - mini phone sessions - available after first in person session.